What is the ZortBee Method? Does It Actually Work?

zortbeeI won’t lie to you, I love the ladies! So, when I heard about the ZortBee Method I just had to find out whether it was legit or shit. My results may shock you! Let’s get started.

What is the ZortBee Method?

There are two different types to the method, there is the basic method and the advanced method. The basic method is available on their website for free, click here to view the basic method video. I strongly recommend you check it out and USE IT.

The basic three steps can be summarized as:

1) Look at the girls eyes and lips

2) Touch her between the hand and elbow

3) Say the magic sentence: “You are really easy to talk to, I really like talking to you”

Then just keep doing step 1 and 2 again throughout the conversation. You would actually be surprised at how powerful this is, you really would. The great thing is that the basic method works on all girls, regardless of their type, ethnicity or even age (heck, you could use it to pick cougars if you want).

It so easy to use and women won’t even know what you are doing it.

The advanced method

Obviously, due to copyright reasons, I can’t share the advanced zortbee method on this website. (I don’t want to get sued). I’ll try to explain what you get, if you are lucky enough to get into the test group of course. Read below to see my results with the advanced method!

The advanced method teaches you how to identify what type of woman you are dealing with. You see, the basic method works on all girls and is designed to get you started. But, most guys don’t know what to do after that.

This is where the advanced method comes in. It begins by helping you identify the type of girl that you are dealing with, because all girls are different, you need spot what appeals to her. It allows you to identify which type she is by asking just 3 questions, that can be dropped seamlessly into any conversation.

Then, the advanced method shows you step-by-step what to do and say to get her to be like putty in your hands. Where you take it after that, is up to you. You could use it to fuck her or use it have a long-term relationship, which ever.

I really, really want to tell you more about it, but I am not allowed to. I think i might need to break my fingers so I don’t write anymore! You have to agree to the confidentiality before you can join and they are really strict on it. It’s why it is so difficult to find information about the advanced zortbee method on google, because they rarely let people share it – I actually asked for permission before I wrote this post, that is how secret it is.

My Results – Basic Method

Basically, I was at a house party with a few friends and we were all drinking. I found myself alone with my friend Rebecca, we’ve known each other for a while. We were just chatting about random stuff, but I decided to apply the basic method. I started to look at her lips when she spoke, I made strong eye contact instead of looking down at my beer can. I even grabbed her on the arm and she didn’t mind at all, in fact, she started touching me back. Just like the method said she would.

Eventually I worked up the courage to say the magic sentence, I was able to drop it into the conversation perfectly. Let’s just say, within 5 minutes we were around the corner, in the local park at the playground having some fun. (She couldn’t even wait to walk back to my place)

Keep in mind, that I used the basic method on a drunk friend so it was too easy, but I still got laid. That is all that really matters. I’ve been using it on girls that I chat too on the street, when I try to get their numbers.

For example, when I try to get girls number, at the end of the conversation I would say something along the lines of: “you are really easy to talk to, I like talking to you. I’ve got to go now, but can I get your number”.

Let’s just say, my phone is overflowing with numbers!

Verdict = THE BASIC METHOD IS AMAZING. Learn it, use it, enjoy it! It’s free, so you can’t beat that price!

My Results – Advanced Method

I’ve been accepted into the Advanced method and fuck me side-ways it is good. Obviously, I can’t tell you what is in it. Wish I could, but I can’t!

I gave it a shot, after getting the phone numbers of a girl (using the sentence mentioned above), I decided to put it to the test. I asked her out for coffee (good tip: ring her, don’t use a text message. They love a phone call). I was able to identify her type, apply the advanced tactics and she came home with me on the first date!!!

You know that rule, that you don’t kiss on the first date, but you do kiss on the second and sex on the third date.

The reason for that, is that the longer you know a girl, the more likely she is to become comfortable with you and willing to give you the goods. It takes time to build rapport and establish a connection.

The Advanced ZortBee method smashes this rule in the face. It allows you to create rapport, a connection and attraction in just minutes. So you don’t have to wait around for any of this 3 date bullshit, you can jump right into bed.

The last few weeks have been crazy for me!

benGo and get it – the Advanced ZortBee Method is Legit

If you are not getting your fair share of the ladies, if your friends make fun of you for having no game, then you must get it.  It really does give you an unfair advantage over other men.

You can watch the basic ZortBee method video by visiting zortbee.com and clicking that green “watch the video” button and it should take you to their introduction video, where Ben talks about his magic magnet. The magic magnet is just another terms for the method!

Remember to keep it a secret and don’t use it on a girl that is under 18 (unless of course, you are under 18 yourself). This could be quite dangerous if perverts got their hands on it.

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